3 Signs Your Loved One Might Be Addicted to Alcohol

Most people don’t wake up one day and find that they have become addicted to a substance like alcohol overnight. Quite the contrary, it’s often a situation that has been developing for quite some time as your loved one has become more and more dependent on alcohol to function on a daily basis. Women can be particularly susceptible to this type of addiction with daily stresses like jobs and family, and may have a harder time asking for help.


Whether your sister, mother, or friend is just starting to show some of the signs of alcohol addiction or you think they may have been addicted for a while, it’s important to know the signs so you can distinguish between someone who simply drinks to excess once in a while, and someone who has truly become dependent. Here are three common signs that it’s time to seek alcohol rehab for women.


Drinking Outside of Social Situations


Many adults like to partake of alcohol as part of their social activities, and when you are having a few drinks with friends or colleagues it’s usually not a sign of a problem. However, it can be a sign of a problem when the drinking becomes less of a social activity and a friend or family member starts consuming alcohol alone to deal with stress, cope with boredom, or to try and get through difficult emotional issues. You may also notice that she is mixing drinking with other potentially dangerous situations, such as drinking and driving, or consuming alcohol with prescription or illicit drugs.


Increased Alcohol Tolerance


If your friend or family member can drink a lot more without feeling the negative impacts, it could be a serious sign of potential addiction. Women who consume alcohol regularly will start to develop a higher tolerance and be able to drink much larger volumes of alcohol without drunkenness or hangovers. She may also be a “functioning alcoholic” in the early stages, holding down a job and maintaining relationships with friends and family despite the addiction. Over time, though, she will often begin to withdraw from these things and have trouble maintaining relationships as the alcohol addiction takes over her life.


Continued Drinking Despite Problems


Alcoholism can have serious negative consequences for family and intimate relationships, but when an alcohol addiction has taken over, you may find that your sister, wife, or mother continues to drink despite the negative consequences. If she is neglecting her responsibilities and does not seem to be in control of whether or when she can stop, it may be time to seek out addiction recovery for women.


At Annie’s House, we have programs specifically designed to help women who are having difficulty dealing with alcohol and other addictions. If you notice these signs of alcohol abuse, talk to us today to find out if we can help.