5 Ways the Olympics are like Addiction Recovery

The Olympics just ended but we want to remind you that you can be strong like an Olympian. In many ways, addiction recovery is a lot like the Olympics.

Olympics require strength.
So does recovery.

Both the Olympics and addiction recovery require strength. We say this over and over, but that is because addiction is hard to get through. It is a fight. It’s a battle. It’s a competition. It is your own personal Olympics.

You must train for the Olympics.
You must prepare for addiction recovery.

Addiction recovery is a mental and physical struggle. You have to be prepared to work hard and go through pain, just like any Olympic athlete.

Olympians face insurmountable pressure.
The stakes are just as high, or higher in addiction recovery.

The Olympics have cheering crowds, constant news coverage, and the world watching. The stakes are high, but there are higher stakes in addiction. There is a life at stake, a soul to save. There is someone who needs help; who needs help finding a better, safer place. It is a lot of pressure, but pressure worth pushing against.

In the Olympics, you seek the gold medal.
The gold medal in addiction recovery is sobriety.

You must prepare and commit to the process in both the Olympics and addiction recovery, but at the end is a reward. For you, the gold medal is sobriety.

Olympians often surprise themselves.
We hope that you will do the same.

The underdog is everyone’s favorite. You are the underdog. You face addiction; something that your mind and body cannot overcome alone. With the help of a support group, and a recovery center or addiction rehab, you can recover. You can get the gold. Rise to the top at Annie’s House.