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About Annie’s House

The Mission of Annie’s House

Provide a safe, healthy, and productive, environment, committed to the continuing success and spiritual growth of those desiring to live clean, sober, and addiction-free, one day at a time.

Flexible Treatment Options

Annie’s House provides residential inpatient rehabilitation as well as flexible-schedule Day Treatment options to suit our client’s needs. We provide a safe, healthy environment where our clients make changes to get their lives back and live addiction-free.


Annie’s House is more than just a physical place; it is a way of thinking. Annie’s House represents the best treatments that are tailored to the best path to recovery for each of our clients and thier family. Affordability has often been an issue for people in deciding how to get help. Annie’s House knows that affordability can be the key to getting this help, and has made great effort in this regard to ensure that excellent recovery care is in the reach of every individual. With the new federal Health Care Act, addiction recovery services are covered. Click here to see if you qualify.

The 12-Step Approach

Central to our course of care is the 12-Step approach to recovery. It is the cornerstone of our own unique program of life-skills training that also includes reinforcement of spiritual, physical, and mental self-mastery techniques. When these pieces of the solution are brought together—as only Annie’s House can—this philosophy and course of care give our clients the tools they need to remain on their recovery plan over time and a gain renewed confidence to pursue the life they were meant to live.

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