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A specialized treatment center for individuals with mental health issues and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Annie’s House is dedicated to providing the most effective methods and modalities to treat mental health, such as PTSD, Trauma, Bipolar, Borderline, and other acute mental illness’

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Residential Trauma Treatment Programs

As you compare residential trauma treatment programs, keep Annie's House in mind for quality care and healing during your recovery journey.Unresolved trauma from your past can keep you imprisoned in addiction and mental illness until a correct diagnosis is achieved and treatment is planned out for your future.

Drug Rehab Salt Lake City

Get help for an addiction with an underlying mental health issue when you call Annie's House today. If you're dealing with depression, anxiety, or trauma from the past, beating an addiction can seem impossible. Through our unique program, we can offer you hope for a brighter future; call our admissions team today to get started.

Mental Health Rehab Draper

Apply for financial assistance at Annie's House when you need help paying for recovery services. Don't let a lack of resources prevent you from turning your life around and leaving addiction in your past. Our mental health rehab in Draper accepts health insurance as payment for treatment, as well.

Mental Health Treatment Center

Contact admissions at Annie's House when you seek a mental health treatment center that can address addiction and its underlying cause(s). You may have thought you couldn't achieve long-term recovery simply because of a past relapse, but the fact is, most addicts require treatment to address mental illness, as well.

Drug Detox Draper

If you thought you couldn't find a drug detox in Draper that could cater to your individual needs, consider contacting Annie's House. We provide a wide range of treatment options to meet the needs of every client- from day treatment to residential care. Learn more about our Wraparound program on our website.

Drug Rehab Draper Utah

Annie's House is known throughout the state as the best drug rehab in Draper, Utah. We've earned a reputation as the best treatment center in the community through our commitment to fully meeting the needs of every client who walks through our doors. Find out more about programs offered at our rehab when you call our helpline.

Drug Rehab Near Me

I'm having a hard time finding the right drug rehab near me- who can help? Recovery specialists point clients to Annie's House for customized treatment and multi-levels of care. Wherever you find yourself on the path to recovery, there's a program at Annie's House that can help you stay focused on reaching your goals.

Drug Rehab Utah

When occasional drinking or drug experimentation turns into addiction, it's time to get help from a drug rehab in Utah that has experience treating early addiction. Annie's House is a safe haven for anyone in need of detox, inpatient treatment, or aftercare services. You're not alone on your journey to recovery; contact us today.

Womens Mental Health Draper

Check in to Annie's House for women's mental health in Draper; we treat addiction and its underlying causes using conventional treatment known as dual diagnosis. If you have a history of relapse or have been in and out of treatment on multiple occasions, it may be due to something more than just addiction.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center

Get in touch with our staff at Annie's House as you search for an addiction and bipolar disorder treatment center- we have a program designed exclusively for you or your loved one dealing with a co-occurring issue. Through our programs, therapies, and recovery services, we can help you achieve your goals of mental wellness.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Draper

If you're addicted to drugs, the most reliable way to overcome your addiction is through an inpatient drug rehab in Draper, like Annie's House. Inpatient care ensures the you have access to around the clock supervision, treatment options, and healing therapies that will help you stay on track while you heal from addiction.

Residential Rehab Draper

Call Annie's House at 385-255-9117 when you e seeking a residential rehab in Draper that offers treatment for co-occurring mental health issues, such as trauma, depression, or anxiety. If you've ever wondered why long-term recovery was so hard to achieve, it may be due to an undiagnosed mental illness.

Trauma Treatment Draper

Trust our team from Annie's House for trauma treatment in Draper. If you've buried a traumatic experience from the past and not given yourself the chance to heal, you may be coping through an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You can heal from trauma and experience a better quality of life through our program.

Alcohol Treatment Center Draper

Are you facing obstacles trying to get a loved one into rehab? Annie's House offers intervention services to make the process easier for everyone involved. Contact our alcohol treatment center in Draper by calling 385-255-9117and tell us a little bit about your situation. We're here to help, both day and night.

Anxiety Treatment Center

Annie's House is much more than just a rehab offering help for addiction- we treat co-occurring addiction & mental health disorders, as well. Contact our anxiety treatment center and let one of our recovery specialists know that you or someone you care about is in need of treatment for addiction and mental illness.

Draper Detox Center

Don't detox at home or at a friend's house- in all likelihood, you'll fail to complete detox and end up right where you started. Instead, contact a Draper detox center, like Annie's House, to get the care and support you need to make it through detox without having to suffer the full weight of withdrawals.

Rehab In Draper

Don't settle for just any rehab in Draper- get in touch with Annie's House for quality care during recovery. Trust us for safe detox, inpatient treatment, and aftercare services that will help prevent relapse. If you're ready to see a lasting change in your life, call our recovery center to speak with one of our addiction treatment specialists about finding a program.

Treatment Center Draper

Annie's House is much more than just an addiction treatment center in Draper. If you're dealing with an underlying mental health issue that keeps getting swept under the rug, you may never find long-term recovery from an addiction. Our experienced staff can correctly diagnose and treat mental illness and addiction.

Draper Drug Rehab Center

There's a reason why so many recovery experts recommend Annie's House to Utah residents looking for a reputable Draper drug rehab center; our treatment facility has a history of successfully treating addiction. If you need early recovery intervention services, detox, inpatient programs, therapies, or aftercare, we are here for you.

Draper Rehab

Call Annie's House when you're looking for a Draper rehab with multiple levels of care. If you or a loved one needs a safe place to detox, are ready for inpatient treatment, or are searching for relapse prevention while transitioning home, we have the ideal program for every stage of recover, including early intervention.

Mental Health Facility Utah

Annie's House is not just a safe place to recover from addiction; it's also a reputable mental health facility in Utah where clients can identify underlying causes for their addiction. If you have a history of relapse, mental illness may be the reason you've not yet been able to leave addiction in your past.

Mental Health Treatment Centers Utah

Rated one of the best mental health treatment centers in Utah, Annie's House has a reputation for excellence in treating drug & alcohol addictions and co-occurring mental health issues. If you've ever wondered why you could not break the cycle of addiction, it may be due to an underlying issue that is undiagnosed.

Opiod Detox Draper

Contact recovery experts from Annie's House for information about opioid detox in Draper in our recovery center. With 24-hour supervision, support, and treatment, you can get through withdrawals and prepare for the next stage of recovery in our inpatient rehab. A bright new future awaits you after treatment.

Addiction Treatment Draper

Consider the benefits of choosing Annie's House for addiction treatment in Draper and contact our recovery center for information about intervention services, detox, inpatient care, and lifetime aftercare. Reach out to us through our 24-hour hotline and we'll do our best to answer all of your questions about treatment.

Alcohol Rehab Utah

Choosing the right alcohol rehab in Utah takes time; in your search for the best recovery center, our staff at Annie's House encourages you to spend a few minutes on our website looking at our programs, therapies, and treatment options. Verify your insurance over the phone when you call 385-255-9117.

Utah Drug Rehab

Consider treatment at Annie's House when you're in search of a reputable Utah drug rehab; our programs lead to lifelong healing from a addiction and its underlying causes. Beyond our doors, you'll find quality care, compassionate workers, and hope for a bright future without drugs or alcohol.

Draper Drug Rehab

Nothing is more important to your recovery from addiction than finding the right Draper drug rehab. If you need support and recovery services, there's no place better to turn to than Annie's House. Reach out to our rehab now for a free consultation and access to some of the best recovery programs in Utah.

Draper Treatment Center

If you need advice from a recovery specialist, there's a Draper treatment center that can take your call 24-hours a day to answer your questions or provide around-the-clock admission. Reach out to Annie's House to find a soft landing spot during a difficult time- call our hotline at 385-255-9117.

Drug Rehab Draper

Our Wraparound Care approach at Annie's House has given us a reputation as the best drug rehab in Draper. Providing individualized treatment is just one more way our staff is committed to meeting your recovery needs. Make a call to Annie's House today at 385-255-9117 to learn more about our programs.

Heroin Detox Draper

Learn about the dangers of at-home heroin detox in Draper and the advantages of choosing professional treatment; make a call to Annie's House or explore our online resources to gain access to information that could save your life or the life of someone you care about. We are a safe place to detox from heroin and other drugs.

Inpatient Rehab Draper

One of the most common questions we receive at Annie's House is in regards to why an inpatient rehab in Draper is a better option than outpatient programs. For severe addictions, there's no substitute for programs offered by inpatient treatment centers, like ours. If you need help with a drinking or drug problem, inquire about our inpatient program today.

Mental Health Rehab Center Draper

Have you tried rehab in the past without achieving successful recovery from your addiction? There could be an underlying mental health issue that's holding you back from healing completely. Annie's House is regarded as a reputable mental health rehab center in Draper providing dual diagnosis treatment.

Alcohol Rehab Draper

Take a closer look at Annie's House when you're ready to leave addiction in your past; you won't find a better alcohol rehab in Draper or a more committed staff. Heal from addiction in a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you'll have access to healing therapies and recovery services not offered by other rehabs.

Alcohol Rehab Salt Lake City

When searching for an alcohol rehab in Salt Lake City, keep Annie's House in mind for detox, alcohol or drug rehab, healing therapies, and experiential methodologies that help clients leave addiction behind them forever. Apply for financial assistance over our website or get in touch with our staff to request a free consultation.

Depression Treatment Draper

Why choose Annie's House for depression treatment in Draper? Many rehabs only treat addiction; at Annie's House, we take into account the fact that the vast majority of our clients also suffer from a mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. Dual diagnosis treatment improves recovery chances significantly.
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