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A specialized treatment center for individuals with mental health issues and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Annie’s House is dedicated to providing the most effective methods and modalities to treat mental health, such as PTSD, Trauma, Bipolar, Borderline, and other acute mental illness’

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Alcohol Treatment Centers In Arizona

The rehabilitation from alcoholism is a lengthy and complex procedure that often lasts for a lifetime. To ensure the best and fastest results, we invite you to our alcohol treatment centers in Arizona, at Purpose Healing Center.

What is alcoholism?

Simply put, alcoholism is a chronic mental disease, similar to any other substance addiction. It’s synonymous with alcohol addiction, and it can grow out of proportions fast. Alcoholism can destroy your life before you get to realize the danger. In many aspects, it is even more dangerous than drug addiction because it takes off slowly, and it often advances unnoticed.

Most people have difficulties differentiating between alcohol addiction and regular alcohol abuse, which may not consist of compulsive behavior. To find out where you stand, we advise you to contact us immediately before you begin facing advanced withdrawal. Come to our center for urgent clinical assessment and treatment if necessary!

How to help an alcoholic?

If you have someone struggling with alcoholism, there is only one way to help them – stage an intervention today! The intervention is nothing more than a guided discussion between the addict and everyone who can bring any contribution to the situation. Here we include family members, friends, co-workers, along with our expert interventionist.

We strongly suggest contacting our team for staging an intervention immediately! Our interventionist will plan the procedure accordingly, making sure the discussion flows in the right direction and set up follow-up strategies, in case the procedure fails. The priority is to convince the victim to come to our alcohol treatment centers in Arizona as soon as possible, as their future depends on it.

How does an intervention work?

The procedure begins with choosing the place, time, and manner of approach, along with must-have strategies, provided the intervention doesn’t go according to plan. The intervention consists of a calm, guided confrontation between you and the patient. The goal is to help the patient understand the severity of their situation, provide the solution, and make them understand the consequences of their refusal.

It is essential to not give in to their demands, as most addicts will usually resort to manipulative behavior to avoid the treatment. Many will blame you for their predicament, pose as victims, or display feelings of anger, irritability, or frustration. They may also feel betrayed or act like it to trigger feelings of guilt and acceptance. It is imperative to have our interventionist present to help identify and counter this manipulative behavior to ensure the success of the procedure.

Is alcohol rehab effective?

The rehabilitation process is highly effective at restoring the patient’s self-control and confidence, as well as supporting their psychological independence. At our alcohol treatment centers in Arizona, we have achieved an impressive rate of success for people who have adopted sober lives after completing the rehab.

At Purpose Healing Center, we teach people how to regain their freedom and live happy, healthy lives over years to come. Contact us for an appointment, and find out what makes us so successful at what we do!

Our leading alcohol treatment centers in Arizona

Alcoholism is a chronic and advanced condition that requires a carefully planned clinical approach. At Purpose Healing Center, we know that self-treatments rarely work. The most effective way of combating alcohol addiction is professional treatment, and our alcohol treatment centers in Arizona are the perfect place to start.How to treat alcoholism effectivelyThe treatment for alcoholism is generally lengthy and involves numerous recovery strategies. Such a comprehensive approach is necessary to ensure safe recovery from the ...
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Alcohol Treatment Centers In Arizona
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