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A specialized treatment center for individuals with mental health issues and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Annie’s House is dedicated to providing the most effective methods and modalities to treat mental health, such as PTSD, Trauma, Bipolar, Borderline, and other acute mental illness’

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Trauma Treatment Draper

Trauma Treatment Draper

If you have experienced some trauma, it can be harrowing to deal with. You could feel as though you’re at a loss as to the best way to process everything you have been going through or the right way to start healing. The best thing to do is look for a way that you can feel safe again. While the impact of trauma can cut rather deeply, you need to keep hope and look for your options when it comes to trauma treatment in Draper. The more support you have, the better your outcome will be.

How Does Trauma Impact the Brain?

Many factors go into how trauma hurts, resulting in post-traumatic stress and a variety of other symptoms. Something you may not realize is that trauma can physically change the brain. Trauma therapists will tell you the experiencing a traumatic event changes the mind as areas of the brain that used to work a certain way will change based on trauma-related hyperarousal.

The amygdala inside the brain becomes over-activated once a traumatic episode takes place. Fight or flight is a natural response to such a trigger. You could remember the trauma, and the amygdala then becomes overactive. You could be on alert, hyper-vigilant, and make sure that you will be safe from harm. The trauma is real, and the brain works to tell you that you are hurting and help is necessary. As a result, personality changes, mental health conditions, and other issues may develop.

Get Help for Trauma

It is best to find a good center for trauma treatment in Draper if you or a loved one has been through trauma. It is important to talk about the pain you are feeling to begin processing whatever happened. While it may sound scary or overwhelming, it can also be empowering. You do have the ability to work through past events so that you can live a fulfilling life.

A good way to move through the healing process is to find a therapist or a team that can help – this means finding qualified individuals to offer a caring ear and ongoing support. There are many types of therapy out there, but having trauma-focused therapy is geared toward helping people that have been through unfortunate events. You did not bring any of this on yourself, be it mental health issues, trauma, or personality changes. However, you can take steps to heal from this trauma with the support of the right counseling and treatment options.

Why Annie’s House?

Annie’s House has the caring staff that you need in your corner when it comes to therapy, healing, and recovery of all kinds. We are available to address whatever questions or concerns you have regarding trauma therapy and what you can expect when you come to our facility for care.

Do you have questions regarding trauma treatment in Draper? Would you like to learn more about our programs and your options for financial coverage? We are here to help! You can reach us via our 24-hour hotline by calling (385) 324-3905.

Trauma Treatment Draper
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Trauma Treatment Draper
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