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A specialized treatment center for individuals with mental health issues and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Annie’s House is dedicated to providing the most effective methods and modalities to treat mental health, such as PTSD, Trauma, Bipolar, Borderline, and other acute mental illness’

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Treatment Center Draper

Treatment Center Draper

One of the most challenging things to do is watch as your loved one spirals down into an addiction and you cannot get them to seek treatment. Can you make them go to treatment? There are a couple of ways to get them the rehab treatment they need to achieve sobriety.

Helping your loved one to join rehab

Underage candidates

A child 18 years or below can involuntarily join rehab if they have a particular addiction to alcohol and drugs. You must understand that failing to get the child the treatment exposes them to lifelong damage because they will always try to cause themselves more harm to deal with their troubled mind and heart. Take action to get the proper treatment as soon as possible by pursuing a court order or involving the family to get the help you convince the child.


It is possible to force someone above 18 years old to join rehab by following all the legal guidelines. Currently, 37 states allow one to be detained for 48 hours up to 15 days if they fall into all the conditions of a court-ordered rehab attendance. Failure to comply with these guidelines will always attract reenlistment into rehab or other legal ramifications.

Situations that involve involuntary rehab

Court-ordered rehab

You will have to seek legal counsel to obtain the papers that make it imperative for your child or loved one to join rehab. The papers will indicate the reason for needing rehab, the hearing dates, and an opportunity for the child or adult to plead the case.

Emergency hospitalization

Emergency rehab is a powerful reason for you to get the patient to rehab. We will begin treatment as soon as they check-in, to taper off the side effects and determine the best course of treatment.

Some emergency cases may include interventions where the candidate can choose between joining rehab or dealing with the injunction. The consequences could mean not receiving financial support, so they do not have an easy way to fund the drug addiction.

Other steps of getting one into a treatment center in Draper

There are a lot of warning signs of addiction and not enough time when you want to expedite the admission and recovery. It may help to use a more consensual route, so the patient can accept that they indeed have a problem and need immediate treatment.

  • Notice the signs of addiction
  • Talk to the loved one about the possibility of joining rehab to gauge their reaction.
  • Research all the treatment options to find one that could match the addiction in question. The treatment should be available you are willing to travel to and have sufficient programs to allow holistic healing and plausible payment options.

Show support

Rehab is all about showing love and understanding while offering tough love and professional help where it is needed most. The best way to get your person to commit is to show them love and compassion before introducing the idea of joining rehab. Talk to us so we can help you pursue an easy transition into rehab.


Treatment Center Draper
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Treatment Center Draper
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