Anyone Can Be An Addict

Your mom, your sister, your friend, you. Anyone can be an addict.

Sometimes it is the people you least suspect. Sometimes you saw it coming all along. Addicts can come from all walks of life.

To be an addict does not mean that you were never a good person, nor that you are not a good person now.

For families, it seems that realizing a family member is an addict is such a shock. How could they do this? Why did we not prevent it? What happens now? They believed that their family was separate from problems like addiction, but eventually came to find out that anyone can become an addict.

Addicts are people. That can include people with fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, wealth, and more. It can include happy people and sad people.

An addict is not a stereotype, it is a person. It is someone who needed something and found something to depend on and rely on, to take away a pain or a worry. We all have our pains and worries, and addicts found an alternate way around it.

We are all addicted to something; we are all addicts. It just happens that some people are addicted to drugs, and drugs can cause even more damage.

Recognizing that anyone can be a drug addict is the first step to recovery for families and addicts themselves. It is a recognition that they are not alone, and that it could have been anyone.

Anyone can be an addict, and any addict can recover.

And recovery takes time.

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