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Anyone Can Be An Addict


Your mom, your sister, your friend, you. Anyone can be an addict. Sometimes it is the people you least suspect. Sometimes you saw it

Freedom is Worth Sobriety


Sobriety is hard. Not only must you overcome an addiction, but you must then make daily decisions to keep you on the right path.

Common Ways Women Hide Drug Addiction


Most people do not want to admit that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, but for women the admission can be even

Barriers Women Face in Addiction Recovery


Men and women are different, and that fact is obvious in many different aspects of life. It is also the case when it comes

Important Things to Find Out Before Choosing a Rehab Facility


The decision to go to a facility where you can rehab after drug or alcohol addiction is a big decision to make. It’s something

Questions You Might Be Asking About Drug Rehab


For many people the hardest part about getting help with an addiction is taking the first step and admitting that you have a problem

Common Challenges Women Face in Overcoming Addiction


Both men and women suffer from the devastating physical and emotional consequences of addiction to alcohol or drugs, but many studies have shown that

3 Signs Your Loved One Might Be Addicted to Alcohol


Most people don’t wake up one day and find that they have become addicted to a substance like alcohol overnight. Quite the contrary, it’s

Why It Can Never Be Too Late for Rehabilitation


Living with substance abuse, it’s easy to feel helpless and abandoned. The worst part is that it forms a vicious cycle: the more helpless