Building Self-Esteem in Recovery

Self-esteem is an essential part of addiction recovery. By definition, self-esteem is confidence in yourself and confidence in your abilities. If you are not confident in yourself, how can you be confident in recovery?

That is exactly why self-esteem needs to be built up as recovery progresses. It will be hard to become sober, but having a high self-esteem can make it just a little easier.

How can you build your self-esteem? Our team at Annie’s House is here to help.

Set Realistic Goals.

Don’t tell yourself that you will be perfect one day, because that is impossible for all of us. However, you can tell yourself how you will improve. Be specific, and set time limits. For example, a goal could be: “I will no longer compare myself to others by the end of next month.” After you set that goal, you can start to work on it. Results will not come in just a day, but will instead come according to how much energy you put into completing your goal. You may not always achieve your goals as fast as you would like or in the way you would like, but simply trying to be better is more than not trying at all.

Let Your Mistakes Be Lessons.

Mistakes are not meant to stop us in our tracks. They may, however, be meant to trip us up, so as to get our attention and get us on the right track. Besides, making a mistake only means that you are trying, and that you know you did wrong. You have to decide to keep pushing, and keep trying to do better.

Do Not Belittle Yourself.

You can either be your own number one cheerleader or your worst enemy. It is all up to you. If you choose to feel bad for yourself, belittle yourself, and simply feel awful, you will feel awful. No one can seriously do anything to change that except for you. You have to decide! You have to choose to pick yourself up, and start cheering yourself on. There will be times when no one is there for you, but if you are confident in yourself, and unwilling to feel bad about who you are, you will be so strong. You will be capable of anything.

This is just a start to raising self-esteem, but once you start, you can only go up. You can start to feel like you, start to feel like you can! It is all possible, and it will help with recovery.

Build your self-esteem in recovery at Annie’s House, a women’s only drug rehab in Utah.