How Can I Become a Better Me?

How Can I Become a Better Me?

We are born. We grow up. We go to school. We do the things we have to do, and over time, we tend to become better. It happens naturally as we make goals and strive to do things that will ultimately improve ourselves.

If you don’t take the time you need to improve yourself, you may ultimately be deteriorating. We don’t want that to happen to anyone. Really though, wouldn’t it be perfectly wonderful if everyone on this earth was becoming better—if we were all becoming better human beings, better people, every day?

That may not ever happen, but as Ghandi said, you can “be the change you want to see in the world.” You can become a better you, and to be upfront, you are the one who will be ultimately affected by how you are as a person.

Set goals.

Making and keeping goals is part of nearly all self-improvement lists, so it must be important! Without goals, we are simply wandering, letting chance get the best of us. So set that goal. Set many goals! Write it down, hang it up, or put it wherever it can remind you of where you want to be. You need to be responsible for what you want out of your life.

Get work done.

If you have a job, work as hard as you can. Be the best in whatever you are doing. If you are trying to get a job, give it 40 hours of work a week. If you need to get something done, let it be something you will be proud of.

Smile in the mirror every day.

It is safe to say that part of being a better you is being a happier you. Smiling can help you do that. Look at yourself in the mirror. Before you leave for the day, or get too distracted to have a clear mind and strong focus, take a minute to go to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. Study your face. Recognize yourself. Love yourself. Smile! See how beautiful you look if you just look happy. Now imagine how beautifully you could shine if you were happy inside and outside. Smiling every day will bring you that glimmer.

Do what makes you happy.

So you’re already getting that work done, setting goals, and smiling. All of that alone will not help you be a better you. You have to do what makes you healthy. You have to take care of yourself. Set time aside so that you can not only complete your work, but so that you can do what you’ve been waiting all day to do. That is, do what you love.

Make your hobbies a path to being a better you.

A better you is probably better at playing piano, singing, acting, skiing, or doing any other hobby that you enjoy. Work on your hobbies. You won’t believe the pleasure you can feel when you’re not only doing something you like to do, but when you’re getting better at it.

Serve others.

Being a better you, also means going outside of your comfort zone, and being better to others. If you truly are better, shouldn’t you be better at serving, loving, sacrificing, and giving? Personal accomplishments are so great, but what about being human and helping out those other beings around us? Service is a way to forget yourself and truly be better.

Let’s all commit to being better. Who knows, maybe bettering yourself will persuade those around you to also improve, and then there may be a domino effect. Perhaps we can get that world of better people.

Being a better you also means being a healthy you. If addiction is preventing you from that, we can help here at Annie’s House. Learn about us today, and commit to being a better you.