How to Deal with Someone Addicted to Alcohol

Alcohol abuse can ruin lives. It damages relationships, families, and affects all aspects of someone’s life. If your loved one is addicted to alcohol, or any substance, it requires a great deal of strength to deal with them. Their addiction has most likely affected you and your family.

However, you may be the best person to start helping them and to push them towards recovery. This is because you are close enough to them to understand who they are and what they want in life. Chances are, you know how they acted without an alcohol addiction, so you know how wonderful they can really be. Knowing all of this and having an understanding of your loved one will help you as you encourage them to find help.

Be understanding.

If you want your loved one to get anywhere, you need to understand where they are now. You need to try to understand how they got where they are so you can help them find something better and less harmful to focus on. If an abusive relationship led to alcohol abuse, you may need to seek help in freeing your loved one from this abusive relationship. To solve alcohol addiction, you have to also solve what caused it.

Be persistent.

Recovery from addiction takes time. Simply accepting recovery is necessary and may take some time. This will require that you be persistent. You need to keep pushing your loved one to accept their addiction, to admit they need help. Once you have gotten your loved one to this step, you will need to continue to be persistent as you push them through recovery. You may need to help your loved one find a good treatment center, and then encourage friends and families to donate if finances are a problem.

Stay actively involved.

Recovery cannot be done alone. You need to stay actively involved. If you got your loved one to go to a treatment center, you need to be there through it, and be there when they leave sober. You have to be a good, strong, and steady influence as they fight through this struggle. Help your loved one find healthy hobbies and an encouraging friend group.

Maintain patience.

You will need patience. Addiction is hard, and getting out of it is hard as well. It will take time and lots of energy. Be patient and ready to lend a helping hand.

Commit to being supportive.

You may find you doubt your standing with your loved one. You may even question why you tried so hard in the first place, but you need to stay there. Be there. Your support is necessary the whole way through. You need to commit and stay committed. If you really care for this person, you will help them. You will be honest and supportive, but you will not let them ruin their life with alcohol.

Always remember though, that you should never stay in a harmful situation. Do not put yourself in danger. Every situation is different. Be sure to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of your loved one.

If you have a loved one that is addicted to alcohol, Annie’s House has a treatment program for alcohol addiction. Learn more here, and commit today to being a support to your loved one.