Don’t Let the Water Go Over Your Head

Addiction begins like you’re wading into the ocean before the storm. The sand feels nice and cool while the salty water laps at your feet.

It seems peaceful and calm.

As the winds pick up and the water starts to groan under the waves, you feel excitement and fear. Eventually, you are deeper in the water.

The ocean has pulled you out and you are struggling to see the shore. You have gone too far. You don’t know how you will make it back. The water is just about to go over your head.

Don’t let the water go over your head. Don’t give up. We are here today to tell you and your loved ones that it is possible to make it back to the shore. The storm will end, and there are lifeguards, people who care about you and want you to make it back.

Come back to the shore. Don’t let your thoughts get out of control. Remain calm and think of what you have to do to make sure the water doesn’t go over your head. You may have to tread water and take deep breaths. It seems impossible, but believe us, it is possible.

Addiction is an intimidating ocean. It envelopes you. It threatens to drown you. It tricks you, and it makes you think you will never be the same.

You can be the same. You can be better. With the help of loved ones, and professional care if necessary, you can get back to that shore.

The water doesn’t have to go over your head. It doesn’t even have to come close. If you can, just don’t enter that water, don’t enter the suspiciously clear water of addiction. It’s a murky abyss once you get in too deep. If you’re already in the water, come back out. Dry off and promise to never go back in. Come back from your addiction and recover.

At Annie’s House, we don’t let the water go over your head. We help you get back to shore, back to a place that is actually peaceful and calm, a place where you can be you again. Let us help you. We can be your lifeguard.