Freedom is Worth Sobriety

Sobriety is hard. Not only must you overcome an addiction, but you must then make daily decisions to keep you on the right path. It is a lifelong pursuit and for many this can seem overwhelming. Addictions take hold of not only your body, but also your brain. To overcome that is a tremendous obstacle, but one that is worth the freedom.

Being addicted can create feelings of happiness and satisfaction when you get your load. When you don’t have your fix, though, that addiction suddenly becomes a burden that seems impossible to clear from your mind. You are depressed. Everything in you craves your addictive substance. Suddenly your freedom to smoke and drink what you want has overcome you. The freedom has turned into chains that weigh you down.

Those chains of addiction often mountainare linked together with mental illness. Mental illness does not come with a recovery plan. When you are addiction-free though, your mental illness is no longer accompanied by a detrimental addiction. You can focus more completely on your mental health.

Overcoming the addiction and becoming sober is worth the freedom that results from being addiction-free. When you are free from your addiction, your thoughts are free, and your actions no longer lead to a single fix. You have the freedom to act. There is no longer a constant, unhealthy craving for something that only makes you more sick.

You can be alive and full of healthier thoughts. It is a freedom that was once forgotten. You can see triggers and choose to take a healthy step. Sobriety allows this freedom.

Overcome addiction. Be sober. Feel free. It is a mountain to climb, but with an incredible view.

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