How to Inspire a Struggling Friend

Whether it’s addiction, depression, or some other form of pain or grief, we all have a friend who struggles to be happy. They struggle to find the light in each day. They question the purpose of life. And they underestimate the power of simply trying to be happy. That friend can even be you.

How do you inspire them? How do you inspire yourself?

Follow these tips to inspire a friend, family member, or even yourself. A little inspiration can go a long way.

  1. Laugh. Make a joke. Lighten the mood. A little bit of smiling and easy laughter can really help to lighten the soul.
  2. Listen. Not everyone talks as much as the next person, but we are positive that everyone has something to say. So listen. Stop talking. Even if it is simply being quiet, with no words between two people, the listening is still there. And eventually, maybe even that quiet somebody will speak. And what is being said will need to be heard.
  3. Say thank you. Thank your friend for being who they are. Thank them for all the things they have done for you, and the inspiration they may have given you. Everyone has something, may it be as little as a seed, that can inspire someone else. Take time every day to find things you are grateful for in your own life.
  4. Show interest. Every life will not be the same, but every life deserves a little bit of attention. Show that you care and want to see how someone is. Doing something that you may not enjoy, for the sake of someone else’s enjoyment is a true way to make them feel loved. Spend time to pamper yourself and take care of your needs.
  5. Love. Love them! Love them in the way they need loving, whether it’s in the form of gifts, quality time, or anything else. But make sure that however you are showing love, that it is supportive. That it will not push them down or make them dependent. Remember how loved you are!

There is so much more that can be said and done, to inspire somebody. Find those inspirations and make them evident. Make them as evident as the sunlight each day.

And if you or a friend are struggling because of addiction, come to Annie’s House, a drug rehab in Utah where we as women take care of other women who need our help. We can help find inspiration.