Make it a Goal to Recover

Goals allow us to decide what we want, and how we are going to get there. Overcoming addiction is essential to becoming you again. It is not easy, but dividing that goal into smaller steps can make it achievable and put you in the right place to start recovery.

Make recovery a goal today.

  1. You have to decide that recovery is what you want. No one else can make that decision for you. You alone are responsible for that critical decision.
  2. Set a timely goal. It’s hard to know exactly when you will conquer addiction and become sober, but you can make a goal. Make it a date that will challenge yourself, but that will also be possible. Setting impossible goals is synonymous with not setting goals at all, because either way, it won’t happen. If you pick a date, and work towards it, that personal deadline will become another form of motivation. If you really want to challenge yourself, share your goal with others. When your goals become public, suddenly you are working to not only impress yourself, but also those around you. 
  3. Create a list of smaller goals within the expanse of your overall goal. This will help to prevent intimidation. Overcoming addiction is a significant goal. Making smaller goals will help you feel accomplished as you move forward. One step, for example, may be researching recovery centers. Another step may be telling your family of your goal to recover. Each of these smaller goals brings you closer to the larger goal of overcoming addiction. 
  4. Be ready to work hard. The point of making a goal is to push yourself to become better. If overcoming addiction took only a matter of minutes, it would not need to be a goal. But unfortunately, conquering addiction takes much more than just time. It takes dedication, willpower, and hard work. Be ready for that. If you want to reach your goal, you have to put the work in.

Make it a goal to recover. Come to Annie’s House.