Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services

A proven-successful path to drug & alcohol addiction recovery

Intervention and Social Detox
Inpatient Services and Wraparound Care
Lifetime Aftercare and Alumni Program

Step 1

Intervention and Social Detox

Addiction intervention can be a key moment in the life of an addict and the addict’s family. Intervention is handled according to established protocol and allow for the greatest chance of success.

Social detoxification emphasizes peer and social support. It provides care for clients whose withdrawal signs and symptoms are severe.

Step 2

Inpatient and Wraparound Care

Annie’s House follows a 12-Step Program; a proven-successful path to recovery. Continuing care is a key part of a client’s recovery, and includes ongoing evaluation, communication, accountability, support and planning. Clients work directly with our staff to develop a tailored recovery plan.

Wraparound care involves the whole catalog of treatments that are proscribed by clinicians to tailor a course of care best-suited to the needs of each client. We offer a unique, on-site complete solution to address the addiction, including group therapy, individual counseling, experiential therapy, family therapy, and more.
If you or your loved one has a drug or alcohol addiction, please

Step 3

Lifetime Aftercare and Alumni Programs

Annie’s House continues treatment with an aftercare plan that a client and their family can count on … FOR LIFE!

Relapse prevention is an essential component of continued treatment. Annie’s House provides ongoing support for a sober lifestyle that will last. Aftercare is a non-residential treatment and support plan and is offered for life … at no additional charge. Basic qualifications apply.*

Our Alumni Program is a fun forum for clients who have completed their prescribed course of care to act as a mentor for our current residential clients. It is a valuable way of connecting with those who have been there to relate experiences of their recovery and gain additional, ongoing support at the same time.

The Annie's House Guarantee

Annie’s House guarantees that any client who completes the proscribed program is welcome to come back at anytime for any reason for additional support at no charge for life. Nominal residency fees may apply. Please call for details.
For immediate help, call Annie’s House at (385) 255-9118