How to Separate Addiction and Emotions

As women, we understand that emotions are an integral part of who we are. Some of us accept it. Some of us don’t. But either way, emotions are there. And they make us just a little bit complicated.

Now put addiction into that picture. Suddenly emotions and addiction are tag-teaming and it seems impossible to get out, to think straight, to feel sane.

Emotions can bend us out of shape, but together with addiction, things can get all twisted.

How do you untwist them? Emotions help make you who you are and addiction is vying for your attention.

  1. Recognize when it’s your heart speaking, and when it’s your addiction speaking. Try to comprehend your thoughts slowly and calmly. Get familiar with how a trigger makes you feel, so that you can recognize it and stop yourself before anything happens. Knowing the difference between rash and purposeful thoughts can help you maintain sobriety. 
  2. Don’t be rash. Take the time to think things through. Spontaneity is okay sometimes, but right now, when you’re trying to recover, that is the time to take things slow. To be in control. Be aware of yourself, and whether or not you should follow through with your thoughts.
  3. Take deep breaths. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth can help you relax and feel calm.
  4. Don’t forget about knowledge. Emotions can drive us to do crazy things if we don’t consider what we know about life and about consequences. We need knowledge and emotions to help us know how we feel and what we should do.

This is just a start, but maintaining control can help you on your way to sobriety. Be in control. Take deep breaths. Remember what you know. And there, hopefully you can start to untangle addiction and emotions.

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