Understanding a Woman’s Nature Can Lead to Addiction Recovery

There are four key aspects to a woman’s intrinsic nature: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. When you come to Annie’s House, you will see that we focus on these four aspects to elicit recovery.


We want to identify your feelings so that you can be balanced and in control. You will learn to effectively use emotional power tools with the help of our clinicians. These tools will enable you to live a clear and emotionally stable life.


A key to addiction recovery is becoming healthy. We find a starting point and move forward from there, detoxifying the body, and replacing negative habits with positive ones. You can become stronger, and more powerful in the face of addiction.


Your recovery should last a lifetime. To truly recover, you need to be mentally sober as well as physically sober. You have to choose to say no. At Annie’s House, you can learn to increase your attention and comprehension. You will be able to sustain yourself.


Not everyone shares the same beliefs, but knowing what you believe is a key aspect to recovery. You need to know who you are, and where you fit in the world. We can help you do that as you find trust in yourself. You can be confident; you can be you.

There are only four aspects here, but each of them requires dedication and commitment. All together, they can lead to addiction recovery.
Come to Annie’s House to strengthen these four aspects, and recover.