A Safe Healing Place for All

Annie's House a specialized treatment center for all and administered by people who understand how an individual thinks and feels

Why Annie’s House?

Annie’s House is an exclusive residential addiction center in Draper, Utah where we focus on addiction and the underlying issues. We are conveniently located in between Salt Lake County and Utah County to best meet the needs of as many as possible. We exist to provide the best care possible for transitioning from a life of chemical and behavioral dependency to a life of emotional restoration and physiological well-being.

Annie’s house is a specialized treatment center created and administered by people who understand how a people struggling with addiction thinks and feels. .Our clinicians and expert staff offer treatment for clients with a unique insight that can be found in no other environment.

The Four Key Aspects

We focus on the four key aspects of a person’s intrinsic nature

  • Emotional

    We help identify their feelings. Our clinicians help balance emotions and teach effective use of emotional power tools.

  • Mental

    We provide tools that help increase attention and comprehension. Our clinicians establish a lifelong platform for resilience. We teach self-sustaining life-skills

  • Physical

    We identify a starting point to increase physical health. Our clinicians help detoxify the body and replace negative habits with positive ones.

  • Spiritual

    We help our clients to explore and express their core beliefs. We help identify issues relating to trust. We build on a belief in a higher power. We help restore a person’s confidence in their place in the world.

It's time you make yourself a priority... and LIVE again

People Deserve the Right Care

at a price families can afford

All Levels of Care

We believe that successful recovery requires the right combination of physical treatment, professional therapy, and positive family support.

Our program is an evidence-based, sophisticated approach to drug and alcohol treatment that focuses on all of the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and family components of addiction recovery.

The challenges faced by yourself or your loved one is unique to the individual. We understand that intimately. We describe our approach to caring for each client as “Wraparound Care”. This means that the proscribed course of care includes a full catalog of services and resources that are given special emphasis case by case. The Annie’s House campus is unique in the levels of care that is delivered on-site. If our clients need it, we’ve got everything right here.

Annie’s House brings together a tailored mix of group therapy, individual counseling and family therapy catered to each clients individual needs. These services include the following:

  • Residential
  • Treatment Services
  • Day Treatment Services
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Criminal Thinking Classes
  • Sober and Emotionally
  • Stable Living

The Wraparound Care approach covers every aspect of recovery and helps place the focus on helping you or your loved one experience the life changes to start living a beautiful, joy-filled life again.

Family Treatment

We believe that Addictions are a family disease. It may be true that only one family member is actively involved, but the entire family is feeling a tremendous amount of pain and a host of other negative experiences right along with them. Annie’s House also understands that a family who has received counseling and support tools are key to a patient’s successful long-term recovery.

That is why we invite family members to come the campus and learn about the disease of addiction, understand co-dependency, enabling, shame and how to begin learning better communication skills. The training, under the supervision of therapists, brings the addict and the family to a place where they can mend the damage done through this most difficult time and learn to move forward together.

Substance Abuse is a Symptom

We believe that addictions do not just happen out of the blue. There’s something going on a little deeper that’s triggering the behavior. We follow a Dual-Diagnosis protocol in how we treat addiction. Dual-Diagnosis means we treat the symptoms AS WELL AS the underlying problems than may be causing them. We try to understand the core issues, which could include a psychological disorder or a psychiatric disease that compounds the affect on patients. When our patients complete their personally-tailored course of care by our highly-skilled medical team, they are better prepared to handle a clean and sober, addiction-free life for the rest of their life.

Access and Affordability

We believe that access to excellent care should be within the reach of as many families as possible; not for just the Hollywood elite. We offer financing options that will put you at ease and help you focus on the healing of your loved one. There should be no roadblocks in getting started on the path to recovery, and ability to pay no longer has to be one of them. The new federal Health Care Reform Act also covers addiction recovery services!