Why It Can Never Be Too Late for Rehabilitation

Living with substance abuse, it’s easy to feel helpless and abandoned. The worst part is that it forms a vicious cycle: the more helpless you feel, the more you push your loved-ones away. Without these people to help you, the more helpless you become. We at Annie’s House believe that there’s always a chance at redemption. You just need to remember these things.

You need to start somewhere

One of the major reasons that make rehab impossible is the patient’s refusal to recognize that their problem is real. The first step towards sobriety is always at Point A, which is accepting that your substance problem does, in fact, exist.

It doesn’t stop here, of course. Now that you’ve recognized the problem, take the next step: decide to quit.

Some people have done it – so can you

Self-motivation is one of the most organic tools to help you discover the right path and how to take it. Although sobriety still feels like long a way, it’s not impossible to achieve. We often hear success stories because these people didn’t give up on their mission to wellness, and neither should you.

Setting the right expectations will push you in the right direction

Setting unrealistic expectations and failing to meet them can discourage you from going on with the treatment. That’s why you have us by your side, so we can guide you in the 12-step program and make the journey towards sobriety as reassuring as possible.

Don’t quit your treatment like you decided to quit drugs or alcohol

Although self-motivation is the strongest kind of motivation, your loved-ones also play a crucial role in building a strong support system to get you through. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for them.

We understand that it feels difficult now, impossible even. But it doesn’t mean it won’t get easier in the future. A successful rehabilitation means a chance at a new life, a chance you should give yourself. Here in Annie’s House, we will never give up on you, so don’t give up on yourself.

Get started on a new life and be part of our sisterhood today.